"Nikola Tesla had nothing better and look how he turned out to be": Student wanted to show the terrible conditions of the faculty in Niksic, and he was welcomed with negative comments (PHOTO)

In the end, it was his fault for looking around

A student wanted to show terrible conditions of the reading room on the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic, and he didn't expect reactions like this.

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Photos of the reading room on this college were published on the Facebook page "Podgoricki Vremeplov". They clearly show deteriorating parts of the walls under the window and around the radiator.

- Hello, I am sending you these pictures with the hope that you will publish them and that someone will see. It is a reading room on the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic. I don't really think that it is appropriate for an educational institution in the 21st century - wrote the student in the description of the photo.

Although he hoped that he will change something with his post, it turned out that people are scolding him for not studying but looking around.

- Nikola Tesla had nothing better and look how he turned out to be... Don't search for excuses but grab a book - someone wrote in the comments.

- You are full of it. People sleep and raise children in worse conditions. While I was studying I didn't have time to look at the walls and tiles. Women used to give birth in the fields, men went to war to defend homes and the country, and these people today are falling into trance for unpainted walls - answered one of the readers.

- They should turn off the heating and then you will not post things but you will study - another comment.

- A lot of things are not "appropriate" here in Montenegro, but I can see fine desks, comfy chairs. Who wants to study he will study, who don't want to study he will find an excuse - said a reader.

There were those who agreed that this is a shame for the 21st century, but there are many more people who said that there are far worse situations and conditions than the one in Niksic.

- This is not appropriate for the educational institution for the 17th century, let alone 21st. This is our reality, there are educational institutions here in the north that are far worse than this reading room - said a woman.

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