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Jovan (18) has incredible talent: He speaks, sings, and recites backward, and he speaks foreign words backward with no problems (VIDEO)


There is a world record for this talent, and Jovan is preparing to break the world record these days

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Jovan Jeremic from Ivanjica has an unusual talent. This eighteen-year-old boy speaks, recites, and singes backward

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- I realized that I can easily speak backward by accident. While I was lying down in my room, I started saying all of the things that I had there backward and I did it with no problems - Jovan said.

He didn't pay much attention to this, but a similar situation happened the next evening and he decided to tell his parents, writes RINA.

- First, we thought that he was joking, that he rehearsed it, then I wrote a word on the paper - Otorhinolaryngology, which is difficult on its own, and then he said it with no problems - then we realized he has talent - said Jovan's father Rade Jeremic.

Foto: RINA

- He came and said that he can do it, we didn't believe him, but we realized that he is not joking and that he can do it - said his mother Biljana.

However, besides the fact that he can say words backward in his native language, Jovan can also speak the words backward in a foreign language. 

- I can speak backward in English and French, and other foreign languages are not a problem for me, I just need to hear the sounds correctly - said Jovan with a smile.

Foto: RINA

He was among one of the favorite children in school, and the friends always ask him to speak backward.

- They wanted to know how do I do it, what is the secret, so I read some parts of the books backward, but he also sang some song backward - he said.

There is a world record for this talent, and Jovan is preparing to break the world record these days, and he will know after the new year whether he was successful or not.

(Telegraf.co.uk / RINA)

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