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10.000 terrorists in Bosnia and Herzegovina are waiting for a signal and they are going to Serbia: Arrests in Novi Pazar are just a start of the fight


On social networks, a video appeared yesterday calling on all of the Mujahideen to unite

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10.000 terrorists from Bosnia and Herzegovina are lurking Serbia and Republika Srpska, they are just waiting for the signal to unite when the time for attack comes. A video was published on the social network which celebrates "the moment when the war will arrive" and which invites all Mujahideen in Europe to unite for Jihad ("holy war").

From KLA, over the Kosovo protection corps, Kosovo Security force, and then to "army": Development of terrorism on Kosovo

The video published by certain Vahidin Delic states that at least 10.000 terrorists are ready for action, and the notorious squad "El Mujahid" is being glorified, which committed the most brutal murders of Serbian civilians and soldiers during the war of the nineties.


The video states that when the time comes, not only that the 10.000 of the "holy warriors" will unite from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but that their comrades from across Europe will join them.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/Polaris

Commenting on these allegations, the Dean of the Faculty of Security in Banja Luka Slobodan Zupljanin says social networks have long become a place where hate speech is spreading, the followers are being recruited and the Islamic radicalism and Jihad is being propagated.

- Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) have been turning a blind eye for years and it says that there is no Mujahideen in these areas. This, however, shows a different story. Security services should react. The bearers of such activities should be found and sanctioned because the spread of hatred should not be permitted, which cannot bring anything good in this region - Zupljanin said.

Former Lieutenant Colonel of KOS Ljuban Karan emphasizes that the threat should be taken seriously.

- Mujahideen in BiH is the most organized part of the terrorist threat in Europe because they are protected by Bosniak state institutions. They have the patronage and logistics of some Islamic countries, above all Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise if BiH becomes the center of future terrorist activities. It is concerning that the extremists are especially motivated for the actions towards RS and SerbiaThey have highly trained people for the making of explosive devices, they have been through training in secret camps, and part of them has been through wars in Near East - warns Karan.

Foto: Profimedia/AFP


Miroslav Bjegovic, Dean of the Faculty of Security "Edukons" emphasizes that no one is certain about the number of 10.000 Mujahideen, but he adds that it is terrible if there are half as much of them.

- These are mainly members of ISIS terrorist cells living in BiH and Kosovo, who have fought in the Middle East. Unfortunately, their bosses are in many instances intelligence services, primarily American and British, which ensure the fulfillment of their interests. European countries and Russia must have a common security policy if they want to oppose this evil - underlines Bjegovic.

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