The group "Justice for David" is becoming a political party: Davor Dragicevic went live and he announced great changes

He asked everybody who is supporting position and opposition to leave the group

Davor, the father of tragically deceased young man David, addressed everybody with a video message on the Facebook page "Justice for David", and he announced that the group will grow into the political party. 

"I don't know how will I survive this": Mother is exhuming the body of David Dragicevic from the grave in Banja Luka

- We, the group "Justice for David", can do it on our own. What is certain is that we are going to grow into a political movement and a party soon, because no one, not even the opposition, has any character. Do what you like outside of the group "Justice for David" and my murdered son. Whoever is a supporter of the opposition and position, I am personally asking you to leave the group "Justice for David". This is nothing personal - he said.

Printskrin: Facebook/Pravda za Davida

The father of the dead boy stated that "he knows well what he is doing".

- Don't take this personally. I don't need the supporters of the Members of the parliament who are sitting and talking with the murderers - said Dragicevic.

He stated that the members of the opposition took 90 percents of the votes on the elections on the dead child.

At the end of the message, Davor said that David's grave would still remain in Banja Luka if the opposition did its job.

VIDEO: Painful scenes in the cemetery in Banja Luka: The body of David Dragicevic was exhumed 


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