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Famous Serbian journalist drunk and driving with 1.73 blood alcohol level: He was arrested in a car chase while he drove on the wrong side of the Branko bridge (VIDEO)


The police caught up to him on the bridge

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Sports journalist Milojko Pantic was arrested last night recklessly driving with 1.73 blood alcohol level.

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He smashed into the police car near Staro Sajmiste, and he then escaped over the Branko Bridge in the opposite direction.

The police caught up to Pantic and they measured 1.73 blood alcohol level when they arrested him.

It was confirmed from the Ministry of Interior last night that M.P. (72) was detained in the police station, because he was driving under the influence, with 1.73 blood alcohol level. 

- In the street Staro Sajmiste in New Belgrade, there was a traffic accident when the driver of the car M.P. (1947), did not comply with the traffic sign "stop", he continued moving and he hit the police car - stated in the response of the police which was delivered to Tanjug.

After the accident, the driver of the "Ford Focus" moved away from the scene by trying to escape in the direction of the Zeleni Venac, driving in the opposite direction on Branko's bridge. The patrol of the Intervention Unit caught up to him and stopped the vehicle, which was steered by M.P. on the crossroad of the Branko's bridge and Pop Luka's street. 

The traffic police determined that M.P. was driving under the influence of alcohol, and the test showed that he had a 1.73 blood alcohol level, they said from the police.


As Pantic said for "Telegraf", he stopped on his own when he went into the opposite direction and then he saw the police.

- I wasn't running away, I was returning from a wedding and I had a few drinks, I went into the opposite direction and when I saw the police I stopped. That's it - he said.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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