Serbian students bring home 3 medals from International Chemistry Olympiad: Well done, kids!

They are high school students from Uzice, Belgrade, and Leskovac

Another success of our young geniuses! Serbian students have won a silver and two bronze medals, and a commendation, at the 51st Intentional Chemistry Olympiad held in Paris July 22-29.

The team was led by professors Dusan Sladic and Niko Radulovic.

And these are the winners:

Igor Topalovic – Uzice Grammar School – silver medal

Mihailo Milosevic – Mathematical Grammar School – bronze medal

Mihailo Mirkovic – 1st Belgrade Grammar Shool - bronze medal

Aleksandra Ljubenovic – Leskovac Grammar School - commendation

Well done kids! Thanks for making us proud once again.


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