Teme: Competition

Only two tournaments remain, the difference is 215 points: What does Djokovic need to finish the year as the No. 1 tennis player in the world?

Red Star's coat of arms is headed for the first place in the election for the most beautiful coat of arms in the world!

Nole, please, I am all wet... Rival begged Djokovic for a break, and that is just one out of three craziest moments of the match! (VIDEO)

Djokovic in the third round of US Open: Novak needlessly played an extra set, and he has 12:1 against the next opponent!

The schedule for Red Star matches in Champions League is known: The first match on Marakana, and then two as a guest!

The strongest people in Europe gathered in Kikinda to test their might: They can easily pull a 10-ton truck and carry a mountain of girls (PHOTO)

Serbian Kickboxer brutally knocked out his Greek opponent, they were waking him up for 5 minutes (DISTURBING VIDEO)

Serbs took the competition for the most beautiful flag in the world seriously: This is where we are now, and two more flags from our history are on the list

Vuk is the best young physicist and student of Oxford: You will be delighted when you see what he did with scholarship money (PHOTO)

Final Four in Belgrade 2020? Vesic discovered that we are preparing a new candidacy!

Bravo! Serbia advances to the final of Eurovision! (VIDEO)

The roar of the twist: We haven't seen Djokovic like this in more than a year! (VIDEO)

The most honest director in the Balkans: If the wage was 15 days late, he would resign because he would be ashamed!

A man from Kraljevo bought an old "101" and he has a real beast today: He has blown away everybody away at the competition in Budapest (VIDEO)

Americans gave recognition to the Serbian students on CNN: Your children are the smartest in the world, they dominate wherever they show up

Foreigners decided: Serbian is the sexiest Slavic language (VIDEO)

Belgrade, place where the basketball was born: Euroleague published the logo of the Final Four! (VIDEO)

Ivana Spanovic triumphs in Dusseldorf with the season's jump: This is an ideal warm-up for the World Championship! (VIDEO)

Prepared for the new flights: Ivana Spanovic motivated into the new season! (VIDEO)

RUSSIANS, CARRY THE SERBIAN FLAG: Genious suggestion of Russian fan, after banning their flag at the stands!

Good draft for Novak in Melbourne: First troubles in quarterfinals, Federer in semifinals! Nadal is in other part of the draft!

Novak Djokovic withdrew from the tournament, he postponed the start of the season due to injury!

Red Star against CSKA, Partizan against Victoria Plzen: First reactions to the draw for the knockout phase of Europa League!

All potential rivals of Red Star and Partizan in the knockout phase: Atletico, Milan, Lazio...

The sexiest fitness doctors in Serbia, Maja and Marija: Who would you choose to treat you? (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

They are geniuses and the pride of Serbia! Our students are officially the best robotics engineers in the world

TERRIBLE TRAGEDY! One of the most beautiful Serbian champions has died! And the most famous bodybuilder in the country has lost her life in a severe accident! (PHOTO)

Milos won the title of the best chef in the world: Triumph of the chefs from Serbia, he was better than 300 colleagues from 35 countries at the gastronomy competition (PHOTO)

SARA CAUSED A BOOTYQUAKE ON BALKANS: Everybody attacked her for her provocative moves, these are her brutal answers (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

CHOSE THE MISS OF INTERNET: Vote for the most beautiful Serb from social networks! (PHOTO)