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Video surfaces allegedly showing last moments before Milosevic's extradition from Tuzla (VIDEO)

The video shows Milosevic entering a room - it is presumed, at the US military base Camp Eagle

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Journalist Stefan Cvetkovic, who has in the past rocked the Serbian public with his posts, several hours ago posted a video on his Facebook page that purports to show former President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic shortly before his transfer in 2001 from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the Hague Tribunal.

The video shows Milosevic entering a room - it is presumed, at the US military base Camp Eagle in Bosnia and Herzegovina - accompanied by one person in military uniform. After entering, Milosevic is in seen in the company of a police officer with whom, it would seem based on the footage, he has a calm conversation.

At one point, he gets up and, along with the officer, faces an unknown person, then sits briefly before contining to walk around the room. There is another uniformed person with Milosevic and the police officer.

The video then shows (at mark 01:42) that Milosevic is still calmly talking to the people who are with him in the room, and at one point takes a cigarette. Afterwards, the video shows a total of three uniformed persons and a police officer from the beginning of the footage.


According to information available to the Serbian public, Milosevic's extradition to The Hague began on June 28, 2001, around 7 pm. He was taken to Belgrade's Banjica neighborhood accompanied by only one Mercedes car, where three helicopters were waiting for him, along with Kevin Curtis, a Hague Tribunal investigator.

After his rights were read to him at the insistence of Curtis, Milosevic headed for the helicopter, then paused and utered the now famous words: "Serbs, are you aware that today is Vidovdan?"

(Vidovdan, St. Vitus Day (June 28) is historically a highly significant date and religious holiday in Serbia.)

The path from Banjica then led to Tuzla, in Bosnia-Herzegovina. At Camp Eagle , located in that town, Milosevic was met by Lieutenant Andy Milani from the US army's Delta Force.

Only one soldier was in charge of making the video footage, and Milosevic reportedly spoke to him about how to best mount the camera, what frame to use, and how to use the zoom.

Milosevic's relaxed demeanor is also seen in this recording which allegedly shows his last moments in Tuzla before he was taken to The Hague.



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