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Police officers who uncovered Serb criminals smuggling 800 kilos of cocaine rewarded

"It's important that such exceptional results continue to be the guiding principle of the entire police"

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Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia and Minister of the Interior Dr. Nebojsa Stefanovic today presented money rewards to  police officers from the Crime Police Directorate who obtained operational information, based on which the Spanish police seized 800 kilograms of cocaine near the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean.

"I'm glad that our operatives were the ones who came up with key information and shared it with our Spanish colleagues, after which this very important operation was carried out, preventing the cocaine from reaching our streets, the streets of other European countries, and that money from being used to strengthen the mafia octopus anywhere in the world," stressed Stefanovic.

Nagrađeni policajci, Nebojša Stefanović

Photo: MUP

The minister pointed out that this operation represents a continuation of good international cooperation, but also a result of five years of intensive work by the criminal police, which is seizing more and more narcotics every year.

"It's important that such exceptional results continue to be the guiding principle of the entire police, to have strong drug seizures, to remove drug dealers from the streets, to keep our children safe and to constantly show that we are committed to combating drug dealers, wherever they are," stressed Stefanovic.

Pointing out that he was particularly proud of this operation, because the fight against narcotics is one of the priorities he set out in 2014, Stefanovic said that members of the Criminal Police Directorate enjoy his strong support, the support of the police director, and of the entire Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP).


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