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Novi Sad woman lost her leg in Zitiste massacre, remembers every second of it: She was shot 6 times

"Just soldier on and don't stop," says this brave Novi Sad woman

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Bojana Corilic, 24, from Novi Sad was seriously injured three years ago during the Zitiste massacre, which resulted in the amputation of her left leg. She was shot six times, and says that from that moment on, it was to be expected for somebody's life to be turned upside down.

On July 2, 2016, this young woman was seriously injured in the mass shooting in a cafe in Zitiste where she happened to be by chance. In his bloody feast, Sinisa Zlatic used an AK-47 rifle to kill five people, including his ex-wife, and wound anoter 22. Due to her serious injuries the doctors had to amputate Bojana's left leg, while she was at the time given minimal chances of recovery.

Bojana now looks back at that bloody July day as her second birthday, the day she was given a new lease on life.

"Unfortunately, I remember everything that happened that day. But as time goes by, that horrible event is fading from my memory. I can't even explain why or how. I can only continue to live and prove the impossible. Like every human being, I have bad days, but I don't allow them to overcome me, and if I manage to inspire at least one person with my struggle it will make me the happiest in the world," says this brave young woman, with a smile that never leaves her face.

"Everything I was used to was gone in a second. My life changed completely, but I also learned a lot from the misfortune that happened to me. I went through many surgeries with my family and friends by my side. Everything was easier with them. I took it one day at a time and pushed forward for the sake of my family, friends, for myself... Yes, my life is a lot different now, but I love it just the way it is!," Bojana tells her story.

The tragedy seems to have left no trace on her. As she says, she still lives her life to the fullest, enjoying every new day and not letting the disability stop her from enjoying the things she loves.

"After everything that happened to me I returned to the Faculty of Technical Sciences, where I am currently completing my fourth year in Software Engineering and Information Technology and I am now writing my graduate thesis. I love programming and that's what I want to do in the future, and I'd also like to write a book and help people who need it. Traveling is my love and I'm not giving up on it even now when it's much harder. I also started modeling, I work out a lot, hang out and go out with my friends, go to the movies," she tells with a smile.

Bojana admits, though, that there are days when it's not easy for her..

"At first, while I was still recovering, I was depressed and sad. But that was to be expected. When your world collapses, it's normal to be down and lose spirit. The path I'm traveling is not easy. I still have my ups and downs. You take it one day at a time. Just soldier on and don't stop. Time does not heal wounds, but it allows you to live with them more easily. It will be easier one day. You just have to stay the course and live to see it," Bojana concluded.

VIDEO: July 2016. Sinisa Zlatic commits the Zitiste massacre. The footage after the mass shooting:



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