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International dealer from Aleksinac arrested: He recruited heroin dealers in villages

I.S. (37) from the vicinity of Aleksinac has been arrested on suspicion of organizing criminal groups selling heroin in St. Gallen

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The Nis police, in cooperation with the Criminal Police Directorate and the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office, in the continuation of an international operation conducted with the Swiss Confederation police, arrested I.S. (37) from the vicinity of Aleksinac on suspicion that he organized a criminal group involved in heroin trafficking in the territory of St. Gallen.

"He had recruited four people from the vicinity of Aleksinac to go to Switzerland and sell heroin to users in St. Gallen. They are V.A. (28) and L.R. (32) who were arrested in the same operation, while in March 2017, D.DJ. (28) and F.P. (34) were arrested in St. Gallen with 1.6 kilograms of heroin, 970 grams of paracetamol and two scales with traces of drugs on them," the police said.

As stated, the four of them were instructed by I.S. to store, measure, package and sell heroin in St. Gallen.

The police searched the apartment of V.A. and seized 425 grams of marijuana, a scale for measuring drugs and cash that he is suspected to have gained from the sale of drugs.

All three of those arrested in Serbia were detained for up to 48 hours and brought before the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office along with a criminal complaint. A high court judge then remanded them in custody for up to 30 days, the police said.

D.DJ. and F.P. are already behind bars in Switzerland where they have been convicted for drug trafficking.

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