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Woman who threw her newborn in a dumpster will face lesser charges: Reason is postpartum depression

Due to expert findings, Mirjana G. will no longer be suspected of aggravated attempted murder, but of a much lesser crime

Kontejner, beba ostavljena Žarkovo, Mirjana Gavrilović

Foto: Novosti.rs/K. Mihajlović, Facebook

Court experts have found during the investigation so far that Belgrade woman Mirjana G., from Zarkovo, was suffering from postpartum depression at the time she threw her newly born son, along with the placenta, into a dumpster. This means that she will face much more lenient punishment.

Due to this expert finding, Mirjana G. will no longer be suspected of aggravated attempted murder, but of a much lesser crime.

Kontejner, beba ostavljena Žarkovo

Photo: Novosti.rs/K. Mihajlovic

"After the expert evaluation, the Higher Prosecutor's Office gave the case to the Basic Prosecutor's Office, because it was established that there were no elements of aggravated attempted murder. She is now suspected of attempting to kill a child during childbirth, for which she could be sent to prison for a maximum of five years," a well-informed source told daily Kurir.

Mirjana G. was arrested on August 26 after pensioner Slobodan Cvetkovic found a baby in a dumpster while walking his dog. The investigation so far has revealed that Mirjana G. had the baby alone in her apartment while her father and her underage son were sleeping in another room. Mirjana was hiding this, as she did her previous pregnancy, from everyone. After the baby was found a man appeared who suspects he might be the father. The child is currently being cared for in a foster family.

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