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Meeting in Moscow before the end of the year: Vucic spoke with Putin and wished him a happy birthday

"A friendly conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin," Vucic wrote on his Instagram profile "Buducnostsrbijeav"

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic agreed during a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet in Moscow before the end of the year.

Vucic also congratulated Putin on his birthday.

"A friendly conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. We agreed a meeting in Moscow before the end of the year and I congratulated him on his 67th birthday," Vucic wrote on his instagram profile "Buducnostsrbijeav."

President Putin has told President Vucic that he is following his activities, and understands well that Serbia is in a complex situation, as well as saying that he is ready to help, according to a statement by the President's Office for Cooperation with the Media.

President Vucic thanked President Putin for the development of Serbo-Russian relations, which is why he enjoys sincere respect and great trust in Serbia.

He also expressed gratitude for the words of support for the preservation of Serbia's territorial integrity and sovereignty, conveyed to him by Minister Sergei Lavrov, during a recent meeting in New York.

Congratulating him on his birthday, President Vucic wished President Putin good health and personal happiness, as well as the strength to successfully represent the interests of Russia and the brotherly Russian people in the future, the statement said.

The last time the two presidents met was earlier this year, in January, when Putin visited Serbia.



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