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One detail on the car gave away little Petar's kidnappers - it was captured by private cameras

A gun was constantly pressed to his temple

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Petar Mitrovic (13) from Stara Pazova was pulled from the clutches of kidnappers in a spectacular police action thanks to surveillance camera footage from private homes, which recorded a particular bumper on a car used by the kidnappers!

The case of little Petar raised the Serbian police to their feet, who, in a spectacular action, located the boy and successfully pulled him out of a nightmare. The boy was found tied up with chains in a deserted house, with a mask and a sweater pulled over his head, while a gun was constantly pressed to his temple!

"We carefully considered and analyzed every detail. More than ten people took the lie detector test, narrowing down the list of suspects. We toook the footage from video surveillance and from private facilities, which produced results and helped us a lot in finding Peter. In the footage we noticed persons jaywalking, a vehicle with a particular bumper, its movement at an unadjusted speed. We then issued a warrant for the vehicle," Dejan Kovacevic, Chief of the Criminal Police Directorate, said yesterday.

As we have learned, the suspects, Marko, his son Nikola and Aleksa, who have all been arrested, had been in the said car, while another of Marko's sons, Lazar, was in charge of guarding the boy in the dilapidated building.

Marko Jovišić, otmica, Stara Pazova

Photo: Facebook

"Marko, Nikola and Aleksa first denied any connection to the abduction! However, during the interview, they confessed everything and led the police to the weekend house where Petar was found," said a source close to the investigation.

The kidnapping of little Petar once again brought to the fore the story of the Amber alert system, which helps find abducted children around the world. Igor Juric, the founder of the Tijana Juric Foundation, warned that the case of little Petar showed that Serbia needs Amber alert!

"Why is the Amber alert system important? Because this could have been your child, too," Igor Juric wrote on Facebook, along a post of a video of Petar's reunion with his family after the abduction.

Juric previously posted: "Before we forget about the kidnapping of little Petar (because we have long since forgotten other cases), let me remind you that a month before the kidnapping we made a spot to draw the public's attention to the fact that kidnappings are happening, that we need to be prepared and know what the role of citizens is in the search."

Petar Mitrovic was abducted in the night of October 26-27 in Branka Radicevica Street in Stara Pazova, where he lives with his family. He was held captive for 22 hours in an abandoned weekend house near the village of Belegis. Marko Jovisic (54), was arrested with his two sons, Lazar (19) and a minor, Nikola, on suspicion that they carried out the kidnapping, while Aleksa Mrdja (18) is charged with helping them.

The kidnappers most likely wanted to extract money from the Mitrovic family, but never got to make their ransom demand because the police reacted swiftly. The boy was picked up by the police on Sunday at 11:45 pm. He was met in front of the police station in Stara Pazova by his family, friends, citizens, and Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic.

The suspects were taken before the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Sremska Mitrovica yesterday for questioning.

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