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Serbian products appear in Israeli supermarkets

Fruit from Arilje, Pozega, Draginci...

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Large Iraeli supermarket chains have started carrying products from Serbia.

These are the Shufersal and Mega markets, and the products that can now be found are mostly frozen fruits and vegetables from Arilje, Pozega, Loznica...

Goran Mekic, who lives in southwestern Israel along the Gaza Strip, testified to this by posting photos on Twitter.

The historic friendship between Serbia and Israel was established 70 years ago, however, the potential has not been exhausted, as evidenced by the figures for 2017 and the modest foreign trade in goods with Israel worth 59.1 million euros.

Total exports of goods to Israel in the period January-December 2017 amounted to 24.1 million euros, while imports amounted to 35 million in the same period, therefore the coverage of imports by exports was 68.86 percent.

In recent years, some 50 Israeli companies from the manufacturing and services sector have been operating in Serbia and together employ more than 1,000 people.

Serbia's leading export products to Israel in January-December last year were cigarettes containing tobacco, other types of cigarettes (12 percent), external pneumatic tires, new passenger car tires (7 percent), other nickel products (7 percent), dog and cat food (7 percent) and other items.

According to Serbian Statistical Office data, the leading Israeli products imported to Serbia in the period January-December 2017 were unclassified goods (41 percent), followed by herbicides (6 percent), non-woven textiles, synthetic textiles (4 percent) and other products, the statistical data shows.

Video: This is a hit Serbian export product: it's neither raspberries nor software

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