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Emergency weather warning: Gale-force winds expected, this part of Serbia will be most affected

Wind gusts will reach over 24 meters per second

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After unseasonably warm weather which marked the past period, tomorrow and Wednesday will see strong and stormy winds, the Republic Hydro-Meteorological Institute (RHMZ) is warning.

According to RHMZ, the Kosava wind area and the mountains will in the next two days experience strong southeasterly winds, which will reach gusts of over 24 meters per second in the south of Banat and in the lower Danube region.

RHMZ also forecast moderately cloudy, slightly warmer weather for tomorrow, windy with moderate and strong southeasterly wind, which will reach gale-force gusts in the Kosava area and in the mountains. The Timok Krajina in the east will be cloudy and colder with drizzle. Clouds will arrive in the west and south in the evening that will gradually spread during the night towards the central regions.

RHMZ, upozorenje

Photo: Printscreen/RHMZ

The lows will range from 3 to 10 degrees centigrade, while the daily highs will range from 15 to 20 degrees.

Similar weather is expected on Wednesday, when it will be partly cloudy, with rain in some areas, mostly in the morning. South and southeasterly winds will be moderate to strong, with strong gusts in the Kosava area and in the mountains.

The lows will range from 8 to 15 degrees and the highs from 16 to 21 degrees.

The towns most affected by the strong wind will be Vrsac, Kovin, Pancevo, Opovo, and Alibunar.

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