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More and more weddings in Kosjeric, each bride is - Chinese: What's happening in Western Serbia?

It seems that the role of a Serbian bride suits Chinese women well

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Chinese women are rushing to Kosjeric, a town in Western Serbia, and they all end up in a wedding gown, with the Serbian flag and at the wedding table with the host!

And the groom? A young guy, he better watch out, one of them could take him seriously.

What is this really about?

The Chinese are crazy about our traditions, so Zeljko Sredic from Kosjeric decided to give tourists visiting the ethno village Gostoljublje a chance to experience an authentic, traditional Serbian wedding.

When curious tourists arrive for the scheduled "wedding," they have the opportunity to fully get fully immersed in the experience - the music, the food, the drink, the Serbian kolo dance, they can bring in the Serbian flag, and throw the bouquet wearing traditional Serbian attire.

It seems that the role of a Serbian bride suits Chinese women well, the smile never leaves their face, their eyes constantly on the young man playing the role of the groom.

Perhaps some of them might wish to actually say "YES" in front of the Kosjeric registrar.



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