They were separated by war fence for 24 years: They demolished it with one wedding kiss

Irena from Belgrade got married on a beautiful Greek beach, and it cost 0 dinars (PHOTOS)

A nun is defying the snowdrifts, she brought the newlyweds to the wedding with a quad: Guests walked to the monastery on a snow-covered road (PHOTO)

Wedding guests forgot about the groom, and he tirelessly ran after the car: The incredible video from the wedding in Herzegovina (VIDEO)

Just a few hours after saying "I do" they got into a fight over the money: The wedding celebration was stopped with the tears of the groom

Croatian bend reveals what are gay weddings like: The atmosphere is more casual, there are fewer customs, and we can barely wait for two brides (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Half a century old bodice is being sold: Made from a special material, it has significant meaning, and no other will be made, ever (PHOTO)

My big, fat, Orthodox, Krajina wedding: Dragana and Radoslav from Knin got married in folk attires (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Unprecedented crime over a banal reason: Mother, father and daughter brutally murdered while sleeping (VIDEO)

Bloody wedding in Podgorica: Bride ended up with a broken jaw, the godfather in prison, and eight people were arrested

The groom wore a suit from bags and the bride wore a dress from waste paper. Instead of gifts, they got trash (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

ARKAN LOOKED AT HIM AS IF HE WERE A GOD: While he was playing, Ceca held his microphone, and Zeljko listened! (VIDEO)

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