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Everyone's now clear Albanians are the problem in negotiations: Dacic on Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

I don't have even a trace of optimism that the course of the negotiations will take a turn for the better - Ivica Dacic has told RTS

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Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has told RTS on Tuesday that he doesn't expect a positive shift in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, and assessed that Ramush Haradinaj and Albin Kurti have shown with their statements to the whole world that Albanians are the problem.



Appearing on the RTS morning show, Ivica Dacic said that he didn't have even a trace of optimism that the course of the negotiations would take a turn for the better.

"If you look at who in Pristina is the one to talk to and negotiate with, I have not even a trace of optimism that anything will be better than it had been with Ramush Haradinaj - perhaps it will be even worse. Everything that we said earlier has been confirmed. Take a look at Albin Kurti's latest statements about unification of Kosovo with Albania, about a single Albanian nation," Dacic said.

He added that Kurti and Haradinaj have shown to the world that the Albanian side is the problem.

"I think it has become clear to everyone now that few have done more for the Serb cause than Haradinaj, Kurti and others. They have shown the whole world who the problem really is. They have shown that the problem is the Albanians," the foreign minister said.

He added that there would be no success until pressure is exerted on Pristina.

"It doesn't matter who shows up as the negotiator - until pressure is put on Pristina there will be no success," Dacic said.



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