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Russia's position on Kosovo unchanged: Vucic and Putin speak after bilateral meeting in Sochi

Vucic and Putin addressed the public with the details of their conversation

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic met today with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Bocharov Ruchey residence in Sochi.

The two presidents held a bilateral meeting.

Vucic and Putin spoke to the public about the details of the talks.

"Despite numerous requests by the Russian side the Bulgarian leadership is knowingly and intentionally delaying building TurkStream in its territory. But if they don't want that pipeline for some reason, we will find an alternative route," Putin said.

"Serbia will be provided with gas, in any case. It's a question of increasing deliveries to Serbia due to the growth of the economy because their needs are bigger every year, as the economy grows, so does the consumption of gas," Putin answered a question from a Russian journalist and received applause from those present.

Aleksandar Vucic's address

Asked about the reform of the Serbian Army and the suspension of an arms procurement, and about the direction of cooperation with Russia, the president said that cooperation continues and is excellent.

"We have already bought many important and valuable items, President Putin advised me what to buy and I listened to him. We have no problems. Look at what the army looked like 6 years ago, and what it looks like today and that is why I am pleased with our cooperation," said Vucic.

He thanked Putin for respecting our integrity and Serbia making its own decisions, adding that regardless of pressure Serbia will continue to cooperate with Russia and defend joint cooperation.

He also announced that he accepted the invitation to attend the May 9 Victory Day in Moscow and invited Putin to visit Serbia again.

"I want to reassure the citizens of Serbia, that apart from Russian, and no matter what is happening in Russia-Ukraine relations, we will be able to import gas from other countries as well, so we are ready for the next two quarters," said the president of Serbia.

Vucic said he was not optimistic about Kosovo and Metohija but that he was grateful for the continued support of Russia.

The president of Serbia emphasized that there is no document against Serbia that Russia has supported, and there is also no document that is against Russia which Serbia has supported.

"I am grateful to President Putin for many things, because in Serbia we value Putin more than we valued some others before. We believe that if it was him making decisions in 1999 we woundn''t have been bombed," said Vucic, emphasizing that he was pleased with the talks he had with Putin.

Vucic thanked him for the invitation and the honor extended towards a small country, adding that this speaks about his greatness.

Vladimir Putin's address

Putin said Russia's position on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija was unchanged and that UN Resolution 1244 should be respected.

"Russia is ready to support a possible compromise solution, if it is supported between Belgrade and Pristina," said Putin.

Putin also stressed that Serbian companies operate in Russia and that our countries are developing economic and military cooperation.

"Russians and Serbians are developing cooperation in the military-technical field, our country is helping strengthen Serbia's defense," said the president of Russia.

Putin said that Russia-Serbia relations have a rich history. He recalled the brotherhood between the two peoples that culminated in World War II and the fight against fascism.

"We are grateful to our friends for their caring attitude towards the monuments of Russian soldiers," said Putin at the beginning.

"President Vucic has accepted the invitation to attend the military parade on May 9, Victory Day in Moscow," Putin said, drawing attention to the growing economic ties between the two nations.

"Our energy companies are among the largest investors in Serbia, and Russia is the largest supplier of gas to the Serbian market," he said.



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