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Is it realistic to expect Trump's visit to Serbia in 2020?

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic recalled that almost four decades had passed since the last visit by a US president - Jimmy Carter - to Belgrade, adding that it was time for Trump to visit our country

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That Belgrade could host the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, is something that has been talked about lately. From newspaper headlines to statements by some officials, the US president has been "brought to Belgrade" numerous times since the beginning of his term in office.

The US president's visit to Serbia would be a great achievement in the field of foreign policy, experts agree, but how realistic is it to actually happen?

While touring a construction site on the Morava Corridor Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said recently that almost four decades had passed since the last visit by a US president - Jimmy Carter - to Belgrade, adding that it was "time for Trump to visit."

"Dear Anthony (Godfrey), we can't even remember the last time a US president was in Serbia, it' time for Trump to visit Serbia as well. Remember what I said, (Boris) Johnson will come first and then Trump - and then remember that you laughed at me," Vucic said.

Aleksandar Vučić Moravski koridor

Photo: Tanjug/Serbian Presidency

Career diplomat Zoran Milivojevic told Telegraf.rs that it depends primarily on US interests, but believes that it is unrealistic at the moment to expect an official visit by the US president.

"It is certain that he will next year, until the end of the summer, plan where to go with his campaign in mind, since the US elections will be held in November. However, his arrival to Belgrade is not realistic, in my opinion. It would be only in one case, if agreement is reached between Belgrade and Pristina in which Trump would be directly involved. In that case, if that event were to take place somewhere here, then his visit would be certain," Milivojevic explained for our portal.

Zoran Milivojevic

Photo: Tanjug/Dimitrije Goll

A visible change in the US administration compared to the previous ones when it comes to Serbia fueled speculation in domestic as well as the international public about when Trump could make his official visit to our country, along with claims that the untangling of "the Kosovo knot" would be Trump's significant foreign policy point.

However, Milivojevic explains, that is not enough to see the White House chief in Belgrade in 2020.

"If Trump gets reelected, the story gets more realistic. However, it should be kept in mind that the US must have a motive. It's a great power," he explained for our portal.

Godfrey: I'm not aware of any plans

US Ambassador to Belgrade Anthony Godfrey said he was not aware of the US president's plans when it comes to an official visit.

Entoni Godfri, američki ambasador u Srbiji


"I am currently not aware of any plans for President Trump's visit, but we would be very happy if it happened," he told Novosti.

He also noted that the White House announces the US president's foreign trips, and that he has no knowledge of any at this time.


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