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Jeremic confirms boycott of elections, Djuric: He's aware that he cannot cross election threshold

The leader of the People's Party says the authorities and those pretending to be the opposition will take part in the elections; Marko Djuric says it's clear that because of poor election results they would achieve, the party wants to boycott elections

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People's Party leader Vuk Jeremic said the decision to boycott parliamentary elections was definitive, saying that there would be no change there, because "there are no conditions for holding a fair election." Vice-President of the SNS Main Committee Marko Djuric said Jeremic's anti-state activity is programmatic, and that he is obviously taking revenge on the citizens of Serbia for not wanting him, in an effort to destabilize and weaken Serbia.

While appearing on the RTS show "Oko" the leader of the People's Party said that the authorities and those pretending to be the opposition will take part in the elections and emphasized that when the opposition manages to achieve normal living conditions, "then there will be elections, and everything else."

After the elections, Jeremic says, the issue of Kosovo will come to the fore and he claims that it whether Serbia will have a dictatorship of "Milo Djukanovic's or Lukashenko's kind" will depend on the way the president of Serbia will treat Kosovo - that is, whether or not he will sign an agreement on normalization of relations, which Jeremic says will lead Kosovo into UN membership.

Jeremic maintains that the decision to bring the issue of Kosovo's status to the International Court of Justice was a good one, because, as he interprets it, the court's opinion implies that the status of Kosovo can only be decided by the UN Security Council.



He assessed that one cannot hear what Serbia's policy towards Kosovo and Metohija is, except what President Vucic is saying, and he advocated demarcation. Jeremic claims he is surprised by the conciliatory, "almost complicit" stance of the Belgrade authorities toward what is happening in Montenegro regarding the adoption of a law on freedom of religion and the legal position of religious communities.

Vice-President of the SNS Main Committee Marko Djuric, responding to these statements, said that "Vuk Jeremic defeated himself in his appearance on the RTS."

"His anti-state activities are programmatic, and he is obviously taking revenge on the citizens of Serbia for not wanting him, in an effort to destabilize and weaken Serbia," Djuric said, as the SNS announced last night.

He assessed that there had been absurd situations in Serbian politics before, but that it never happened that a representative of the opposition, speaking in a public service (RTS) broadcast, called on the citizens to boycott the elections presenting as the crucial argument in favor of this the lack of his freedom to appear on RTS.


Photo: Tanjug/Zoran Zestic

Djuric also believes that Jermic doesn't want to go to elections because he is aware that he cannot cross the electoral threshold, "even if they sent him voters from Pristina in convoys."

"Let us remind you once again, Jeremic is one of the people who personally and directly participated in the annulment of Serbia's sovereignty by bringing the border police and customs of Kosovo to the crossings toward central Serbia, introducing the obligation of the Kosovo Serbs to own ID cards of the so-called 'Republic of Kosovo' and license plates of the so-called 'Republic of Kosovo'," Djuric noted.

He pointed out that the biggest lie and the absence of shame was demonstrated in the claim that the International Court of Justice's ruling, which legalized the secession of our southern province, made at the request of Jeremic, Tadic and the team of which Djilas was a part, "was not a deadly blow to our position and the triumph of separatists followed by over 100 recognitions of Kosovo's unilaterally declared independence."

"The very way he spoke about Kosovo and Metohija today testifies the extent to which he is stuck in the love of power and the hatred of President Aleksandar Vucic and his policy of fighting to protect national and state interests," says Duric.

He also points out that politics should not be a circus where you can make a fool of yourself without any responsibility and consequences, and, as he says, Vuk Jeremic cannot justify his harmful behavior neither by claiming to be infantile or inexperienced, "because he receives money from tycoons and foreign funds precisely to do what he does."


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