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Incident in Montenegro: Police brutally beat Bishop Metodije, break two believers' bones?

The Metropolitanate say that the police brutally beat Bishop Metodije using batons and feet

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The Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral has announced that police officers brutally beat Bishop Metodije and several believers on the Djurdjevica Tari Bridge.

"On the bridge on Djurdjevica Tari, the police last night brutally beat Bishop Metodije, during protests against the passing of the Law on Religious Freedom," the Metropolitanate said this morning.

According to them, two believers who tried to protect the bishop were also seriously injured.

"The Bishop and some believers were knocked on the ground and beaten with batons and feet. Two believers who were trying to protect him were also injured. One had his hip broken, while the collarbone was broken on the other, and they were hospitalized in the Pljevlja hospital," the Metropolitanate said in a statement.

The Metropolitanate also said that this act best confirms the veracity of Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, who said in the Assembly that the police must not use force against believers, as well as what kind of "a law on religious freedom was adopted and how free the Church and the faithful people are in modern Montenegro."

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