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What the Self Determination-LDK deal entails: "No ZSOs and border changes, taxes remain"


Kurti and Mustafa announced the signing of the agreement at an extraordinary press conference and said that they were on the verge of holding an assembly session to elect a new Pristina government

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The program in general of the new government in Pristina, under the agreement between Self-Determination and the LDK, states that in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina a change of borders and territory swaps cannot be the topics, while Pristina's taxes remain; at the same time, the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO) will not have executive powers, Kosovo Online reports, citing unnamed sources.

In connection with the dialogue with Belgrade, the announcement is that a review of all agreements reached so far will be carried out.

The dialogue will no longer be conducted by the president of so-called Kosovo's Hashim Thaci, but by the prime minister, said Kosovo Online.

The Belgrade-Pristina dialogue is being held "for the sake of securing Serbia's recognition," according to the new Kosovo government's program contained in the agreement reached by Self-Determination and the LDK, which adds that the Kosovo Assembly should adopt a platform for the dialogue.

Kosovski parlament

Photo: AP/Tanjug

Kosovo Online reports that the document also states that the topics of dialogue cannot be redrawing borders with Serbia, exchanging territories or creating a third authority for the Serb-populated municipalities.

As for the taxes on the import of goods from central Serbia, as the portal reports, they will remain "to the level of full reciprocity with Serbia."

Priority is given to developing good neighborly relations with Albania


The new government, reports Kosovo Online, sees priority in developing good neighborly relations and qualitatively advancing cooperation with Albania and is committed to advancing the Euro-Atlantic integration process.

When it comes to energy, it is said that the creation of a Kosovo-Albania joint energy zone is needed "to achieve complementarity in energy production."



The war crimes section states that a "law on war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity and aggression" will be adopted, and that a "War Crimes Institute" will be established to support the prosecution in documenting war crimes.

Competent institutions, it is added, based on domestic and international law, will prepare an indictment for war crimes before the International Court of Justice.


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