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Putin congratulates Vucic on Statehood Day: "Dynamic development of political dialogue, cooperation"

The president of Russia wished Vucic good health and success and happiness and prosperity to the citizens of Serbia

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has received a letter of congratulations from Russian President Vladimir Putin today, stating that relations between the two countries, based on centuries-old traditions of friendship and spiritual closeness, are at a high level.

"I note with pleasure the dynamic development of bilateral political dialogue and productive cooperation in different spheres. I am convinced that through joint efforts we will ensure further development of an entire complex of Russian-Serbian ties for the benefit of our brotherly peoples and in the interest of enhancing stability and security on the European continent," said Putin in his message ahead of Serbia's Statehood Day.

The ppresident of Russia, as he stated, wished Vucic good health and success "from the bottom of his heart" and happiness and prosperity to the citizens of Serbia.


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