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Quality of Serbian wine continues to improve: 9 million euros set aside to assist this industry

Ideas presented by winemakers will be adopted in the next few weeks in the Strategy for the Development of Winemaking and Viticulture of Serbia through 2030

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Finance Minister Sinisa Mali says the state has allocated 8.9 million euros towards the development of viticulture in 2020, three times more than last year.

"The visions and ideas of winemakers will be adopted in the next few weeks in the Strategy of Fevelopment of Winemaking and Viticulture of Serbia through 2030, and this is the right way to define goals and point the way for this industry to grow and become a Serbian brand," Mali said last night during a ceremony to mark February 14, the feast day of St. Trifun (Tryphon), the patron saint of winegrowers.

Mali also said that the money set aside from the budget is what winemakers asked for - 8.9 million euros, which is three times more than in 2019.

According to the minister of finance, Serbia's wish is that there are postcards in the future featuring vineyards not only from Tuscany and France, but also from Smederevo, Jagodina, Fruska Gora, Vranje and other parts of Serbia that have become or will become even more recognizable for their wines.

The initiative to establishment an alliance in this realm was made, as he pointed out, by the president of Serbia.

During the ceremony, "St. Trifun in Savski Venac," held in the home of King Petar I, president of the alliance Bozidar Aleksandrovic told Tanjug that Serbian wine is now at an enviable level and added that the quality would increase as the number of vineyards increases.

"The aim of the gathering is to see where the quality of Serbian wine is today, as we have 10 years of intensive development ahead of us, with anticipated planting of thousands of hectares of vineyards and investing in equipping wineries, developing wine tourism, promoting wine regions," says Aleksandrovic.

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(Telegraf Biznis/Tanjug)

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