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These are the victims of yesterday's massacre in Leskovac: Father, his wife, and two daughters

The suspect has allegedly confessed to the crime

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Predrag Ilić, Danijela Radojkovic, Ana, Sara Radojkovic, ubica sin Milos Ilic

Photo: Telegraf, Private archive

A great tragedy happened in the center of the town of Leskovac yesterday, when four people were murdered, among them a pregnant woman. 22-year-old Milos Ilic has been arrested as a suspect in this crime, and is held 48-hour custody after which he will be brought before an investigating judge.

It is suspected that he used an ax to kill his father Predrag, sister Ana, who was at an advanced stage of pregnancy, Predrag's common law wife Danijela Radojkovic, and her underage daughter Sara.

The tragedy happened in Ratka Pavlovica Street, next to the Old Office, at around 2:45 pm in a house that the family had rented a few days before Easter. An hour after the killings had occurred, Milos was detained and ordered to be kept in 48-hour custody, after which he will give his statement.

According to media reports, he has confessed to the crime to the police.

The family originally comes from Bojnik. They moved to Leskovac after Easter and rented the house where the crime took place.

According to media reports, the massacre was preceded by an altercation over money between Milos and Predrag. Milos allegedly asked his father for money, which he refused to give him.

Miloš Ilić

The suspect; Photo: Facebook/Milos Ilic

According to early reports, Milos used the ax to first kill his stepmother while his father was the last victim.

Video: The house in Leskovac where horrendous massacre took place


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