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A pair of black swans still strutting along Zemun Quay: No one knows where they come from

A beautiful sight on the Zemun Quay

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A pair of black swans, which we filmed in September last year, were found today by our reporter soaking in the sun on the quiet Zemun Quay on the Danube. This unique pair of lovers have become a real attraction in this part of Belgrade.

Black swans are a true rarity on our rivers, and no one can say for sure how they ended up in Belgrade. This is exactly another reason why everyone wants to take pictures, videos, get close to them...

Crni labud, Zemunski kej

Photo: Branislav Bane Nikolic

Black swan is the only species of swan that lives in Australia and that is native to this country. It was transferred to New Zealand in 1864, and today this bird is bred all over the world.

The dry and hot Australian climate is not the best habitat for swans. However, black swan has adapted to these inhospitable conditions. This is a very widespread bird that copes well in almost all types of wet habitats.

When a few months ago we asked Branislav Nikolic, who photographed the black swans, where he thinks this unique specimen came from, he answered:

"They probably escaped from someone. Some breeder, or a mini zoo."

Runaways or not, it is clear that they really like Zemun.


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