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Novak Djokovic "starves" for 16 hours a day: What is autophagy and how does it affect his body?

A process of cell self-renewal that can be beneficial in many ways

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In a new "episode" on his Instagram account, Novak Djokovic posted a video of a conversation with Professor Dr. Dragan Ivanov, who is a specialist of internal medicine and a professor at the Higher School of Pedagogy in Novi Sad.

Professor Ivanov has been a vegetarian since birth, as has his mother, and during the conversation with Novak he gave advice on food that is best for the brain and pointed out that breakfast is the most important meal, while a plant-based diet is the best source of energy and protein for our body.

During the conversation, Novak also revealed that over the last year and a half, he has not been consuming food for 16 hours at a time - and that this may sound shocking to many, because he is a top athlete who should need an enormous amounts of energy, which he obviously gets through reduced meals.

According to his own confession, Novak has been applying the process of autophagy for the last year and a half, which is characterized by the fact that he does not eat for 16 hours, then over the period of 8 hours he can consume food.

What is autophagy?

It is a process by which cells break down and recycle their components and thus provide the body and accelerate the process of cell renewal. Cells use autophagy to remove damaged proteins and organelles, and thus suppress the negative effects of aging.

Interestingly, scientists have proven that autophagy is a part of the defense mechanism against many diseases such as Parkinson's and Huntington's, as well as certain forms of dementia.

How does autophagy work?

All cancers start with damaged cells, and our body should merely recognize and remove those cells using the process of autophagy. Although there is no scientific evidence to support this, studies are examining this complex process of recognizing and destroying diseased cells in tissues.

Initiating a "repair" mechanism helps reduce the risk of cancer. Geneticists and biologists believe that new research and evidence will provide insight into where to direct further experiments in autophagy research as a therapy for cancer patients. Doctors are very optimistic about the benefits of autophagy in the treatment of many diseases.

How to start and activate autophagy?

Novak Djokovic

Photo: Profimedia

To cleanse your body of toxins, try to follow some simple tips. Some nutritionists often say: imagine that your body is a kitchen. After we make lunch, it is normal to clean the work surface, throw away the leftover food. The next day, the kitchen is ready and clean for the next meal.

Autophagy does a similar thing in our body and it does it constantly and very successfully. If we imagine the same story at another time, let's say we are pensioners, no longer so careful and responsible to clean up leftover food after cooking, but leave some on the table, some on the sink, some in the trash.

Logically, toxic waste is starting to accumulate in our kitchen. Everything is rotting, it starts to stink, toxins are all over the house. Autophagy that is not working as it should is described in a similar way.

Autophagy is a process that secretly helps maintain our health: while the body is active, it slows down the aging process, reduces the occurrence of inflammation and strengthens the body's natural resistance, according to the site "Samoobrazovanje."

Video: This is Djokovics diet: For a year and a half I dont eat for 16 hours, I feel much better


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