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Horror video from Novi Sad: Woman jumps from building in front of police and firefighters

She was threatening to jump from a balcony for a while. At times, it seemed that she had given up on that intention, but as soon as the next moment, she jumped

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An as of yet unknown woman today jumped from a building in the Novo Naselje neighborhood in Novi Sad. Although the police and firefighters spent a while trying to dissuade her from doing that, in the end she jumped, as can be seen in a video published by the NS Uzivo portal.

The woman first stepped across the fence of her balcony, and then hesitated whether to jump or not.

After a while, unfortunately, she decided to do it.

She jumped and fell onto a parked car. She survived the fall and was conscious, but there is no information for bow about the degree of her injuries.

Before an ambulance arrived, firefighters and police officers came to her aid.

Watch the video at the top of the page.

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