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Swollen Ibar River crushes 2 rafts against bridges; they fall apart in seconds

The flooding has not subsided pver the last 24 hours

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The swollen Ibar River has crushed a raft against a bridge in the center of the town of Kraljevo. The raft completely disintegrated from the impact. And it's not the only one that ended up like this. As our readers tell us, the Ibar has destroyed two such structures.

A video that a reader has sent to Telegraf shows the river carrying a new raft, which could not pass under the bridge.

In just a few seconds, the entire raft was crushed.

Due to several days of heavy rains, the Ibar River overflowed its bed in several places during the night, including by flooding all sporting facilities on main city beach, whil at any moment water could flood the newly completed Athletic Stadium, located 300 meters from the town center.

The situation is also critical in Mataruska Banja, where the Pecinac stream, which flows into the Ibar near this spa town, flooded the entrances to the Termal Hotel and the Agens Rehabilitation Institute, Glas Zapadne Srbije is reporting.

As stated, households are still not endangered, but the locals are afraid of more precipitation and torrential flooding.

The situation is very serious and in the settlement of Ribnica, where the Ribnica River overflew this morning reaching a dozen houses and other buildings.

Other rivers and torrential streams are rising in the Kraljevo area - the Ibar and groundwater flooded several tens of hectares of fertile land in Konarevo Polje, about ten kilometers from Kraljevo, while along the Ibar highway in the Lopatica Valley small-size landslides have appeared.

More than 700 households have been flooded while the Ljubovidja River destroyed two bridges in Ljubovija. Traffic on several regional roads had to be stopped. The Skrapez River flooded the center of Kosjeric affecting about 50 buildings. During the day, heavy precipitation is expected in central and southern parts of Serbia.

Video: Emergency situation has been declared in Lucani and Kosjeric


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