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Novi Pazar residents upset by tin coffins: "Precaution as number of coronavirus cases is growing"

"This is clearly defined regular procedure in case of any epidemic," the Emergency Situations HQ has announced

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Photo Tanjug/Irfan Licina

The Emergency Situations HQ of Novi Pazar has announced that it issued an order for the procurement of tin coffins and body bags, according to regular procedure in case of any epidemic.

"The City Emergency HQ made this procurement as a precaution and having in mind the increased number of infected people, in order to protect the population, and in accordance with the law which mandates that potential deceased persons must not become a source of infection in any way," the HQ said in a statement.

The decision was adopted on Saturday, but a statement explaining it was published on Sunday, "considering that a large number of citizens were upset by this."

As this decision caused concern among a large number of citizens, the Emergency Situations HQ issued a statement saying that the procurement was carried out in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Health and the Batut Institute of Public Health, regarding the burial of the dead who had been infected with coronavirus and died of Covid-19.

"Regular procedure in case of any epidemic is clearly defined, in accordance with the Law on Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases ," said the statement.


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