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Croatia: Plenkovic celebrates like Rocky, "Eye of the Tiger" blasts at HDZ HQ, nobody wears masks

Celebration was held last night at the HQ of Plenkovic's HDZ party without masks

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Andrej Plenkovic's HDZ is the winner of the Croatian parliamentary election. According to the latest information, that party won 66 seats, and the celebration in the party's premises lasted until late at night.

True, Plenkovic was not there all the time. He arrived at the headquarters about two hours after the polls closed, but did not stay long. He avoided receiving congratulations, only touched elbows with people, and then evacuated himself to a cafe, where he stayed until almost midnight. He came to the room just before the start of the victory speech. While the song "Eye of the tiger" was blasting from the speakers, Plenkovic made his way through the crowd, where nobody was wearing face masks, with a smile on his face, reaching the stage from which he then addressed those gathered.

Saying that a difficult mandate full of challenges was behind them, he pointed out that the party faces even greater challenges.

"Such circumstances require work, energy, enthusiasm, sacrifice, responsibility, knowledge and experience," Plenkovic said as those around him applauded and chanted.

He stressed that HDZ's result was great, but also a "huge obligation."

"And every day for the next four years, we will take care about it because Croatia needs solutions. Today, Croatia needs a government that will pursue a policy of modern sovereignty, which inherits the values ​​of the HDZ, of the first president Franjo Tudjman, because in recent years we have put the HDZ in that place of the political spectrum where he was always putting it and where he wanted it," said Plenkovic.

After the address, football supporter songs were played. Plenkovic and his associates rejoiced to "Play my Croatia" as euphoria reigned in the headquarters. People who weren't wearing masks were crowded together, hugging and shaking hands.


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