Veljko, Natalija, Andjela, and Radovan are a real sensation in Nis: Inseparable quadruplets celebrated their 18th birthday (PHOTO)

SENSATION! Pavkov destroyed Liverpool, Red Star's best night after Bari! (VIDEO)

When Dodik grabs a microphone and sings, everything roars: The celebration of victory in Banja Luka lasted throughout the night (VIDEO)

Serbs are rushing to Greece to see a miracle: They are going in a church full of venomous snakes, they pet them and pray with them (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Montenegrin politician is going to Knin to apologize to Serbs for the presence of Colonel of Montenegrin Army at the celebration of the "Storm" (PHOTO)

They taught me to hate the Serbs, "they are anti-cross" and I loved them even more: The emotive letter of the Croat, who did not celebrate the "Storm", arrived at the right time

This is how Zagreb celebrated the birthday of the great Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla (VIDEO)

Bloody wedding in Podgorica: Bride ended up with a broken jaw, the godfather in prison, and eight people were arrested

A tragedy almost occurred at the celebration of Croatian football players: Domagoj Vida almost died, Subasic saved his life (VIDEO)

Croatian fan removed the Albanian flag during the celebration! This is the best scene from the streets (VIDEO)

Croatian football players celebrated in the hotel: Famous singer climbed on a table with guitar, Subasic raised a flag, Vida poured alcohol (VIDEO)

Albanians blocked the Serbian festival in Kosovo: They closed the approach to a church near Klina with tractors and excavators

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