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Repeat of horrid scenario in Novi Pazar: 4 more people die from coronavirus in local hospital

There are currently 374 patients in the hospital, while 42 have been admitted in the last 24 hours

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Photo: Tanjug/Irfan LIcina

In the last 24 hours four more people died from the consequences of coronavirus in the hospital in Novi Pazar, the same number as yesterday, coordinator of that institution, Mirsad Djerlek, has announced.

He stated that two people from Novi Pazar, as well as one from nearby Tutin and Sjenica each have passed away.

"The persons from Novi Pazar who died were born in 1934 and 1943, the patient from Tutin was born in 1944 and the one from Sjenica in 1947," said Djerlek.

According to him, there are currently 374 patients in the hospital, while 42 have been admitted over the last 24 hours.

"There has been no transportation because at the moment we are only transporting patients with severe comorbidities and for whom we cannot reduce the problems," said Djerlek.

He added that two teams of doctors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the medical faculties in Tuzla and from Sarajevo, will most likely arrive tomorrow.

"Whoever comes is of great help because we are fighting a serious battle, and there is never a surplus of staff, because our people are exhausted. I think that this team from Sarajevo and Tuzla will be of great help at this time. Non-stop donations are also arriving, thanks to all the people who are getting involved. I learned that a full truck from the Serbian Red Cross will arrive today at 11 am," said Djerlek.

He added that they have received a promise that doctors from all parts of Serbia will continue to arrive in this southwestern town, who will rotate each 10 days, until the goal of defeating Covid has been achieved.

Video: As long as there is danger, soldiers will be there to help Sjenica, Tutin and Novi Pazar


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