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Security agency BIA arrests two Israelis for participating in Belgrade protest; they get released

They tried to set fire to dumpsters during the protest

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Uhapzeni Izraelci, protest, Narodna Skupština

Photo: Telegraf.rs

Yesterday, Serbia's Security-Information Agency (BIA) operatives arrested Israeli citizens Roman Levin and Artur Furman, who took part in violent clashes with the police in front of the House of the Serbian National Assembly in Belgrade, during which hooligans attacked the police with stones, torches, and bottles.

According to the daily Novosti, the duo was caught pulling bags of rubble onto the road, and pulling dumpsters out into the street, trying to set them on fire.

Furman came to Serbia on June 19, while Levin arrived on July 3, immediately before the protest took place.

Levin was born in Ukraine, and Furman in Kyrgyzstan.

The two were detained by the police the previous evening, but were quickly released after consultations with the on-duty deputy public prosecutor, as well as with the on-duty misdemeanor judge, who said there was no basis for further proceedings.


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