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Healthcare system is overstretched, we are ready for serious scenario over next 2 days - minister

Healthcare workers are in hospitals non-stop, they almost don't go home to see their families, they don't have vacations

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Medicinari, posao, Zlatibor Lončar

Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

Capacities have been redistributed in all Covid hospitals, so that all patients infected with coronavirus can be taken care of in the next two days, says Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar, adding that the healthcare system is overstretched.

Loncar said that the Banjica Institute will no longer be able to receive patients today and during the night, because the hospital is full.

The minister stated that the Institute of Rheumatology will receive the first patients tonight or in the morning, and that more than 100 beds for Covid patients have been made available in that health institution.

"We were forced to include the Institute of Rheumatology into the Covid system because there is a large number of patients who require hospital treatment in Belgrade," said Loncar.

He added that the healthcare system is under strain, that healthcare workers are in hospitals non-stop, almost never going home to see their families, and without a chance to have a vacation.

As he said, the most difficult situation and the biggest problem regarding hospital capacities is in Belgrade, while in Nis, Vranje, Leskovac, Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Sabac, and Uzice, there are enough beds in local hospitals.

"We made a schedule for hospitals covering the next two days, preparing for a serious scenario, unless the number of patients decreases," said Loncar.

The minister appealed on citizens to respect anti-coronavirus measures and act in accordance with recommendations of doctors, because, as he said, only in that way can the situation improve.

Video: Loncar: The numbers are directly proportional to our behavior


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