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Sarcevic on how teachers will work from Sept. 1: Everyone must fulfill quota, meaning double shifts?

Instructions have already been sent to all schools

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Konferencija, krizni štab

Photo: Tanjug/Serbian government/Slobodan Miljevic

Teachers will not work two shifts, Minister of Education Mladen Sarcevic has told TV Prva.

When asked what happens if there are 26 students in the class and they are divided into two groups , and whether both groups will be taught by the same teacher, Minister Sarcevic replied:

"We've sent instructions to all schools. The stance towards employees is specific. A teacher who has four classes lasting half an hour can continue with the second group when they start with the first group."

According to him, it will be the same teacher.

"They won't work two shifts, the will have their work quota," he explained.

Those who have been declared redundant will also be activated.

As he says, the conditions are not "normal." Extended school stay will function, and all schools will have the same number of groups and their own space and teachers.

"That worked flawlessly," he says.

Still, he says, everything depends on epidemiological conditions.

Both elementary and high school students will have the opportunity to opt for online classes.

When it comes to masks, he asked the prime minister to provide funds where necessary.

"The proposal is for the parents to provide at least three masks," he said, and added that there will be spare ones in schools as well.

When it comes to kindergartens, they have been open since May, initially problems were related to staff contracting coronavirus, but everyone followed the rules.

"It will be the same in the fall," he added.

There will be a problem with grammar schools, who will have to work according to the "week for week" system. There will be no such problems with vocational schools, because practical classes free up space for theory classes. According to him, practical classes will not be recommended for medical schools, unlike the agricultural ones.

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