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Rade's company employed 32 people, his children are abroad; now he waits for free meal in the street

"I have four children, three in Paris, one in New York. I've been in the street since 2014"

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Rade Vinčić

Rade Vincic, Printscreen: TV Prva

Rade Vincic was filmed by a Prva TV crew while he was waiting for his meal at Terazije Square in Belgrade. He received it for free from "Solidarna Kuhinja" ("Solidarity Kitchen"), a charity project launched during the state of emergency.

He remembers the exact date when he had to spend the first night in the street, when he lost his home. That was on May 5, 2014.

"I am in the street because a group of criminals broke into my apartment while I was in the Serb Republic, I (sued) in Strasbourg and am waiting for the decision of Strasbourg (court). I was the owner of the company, I had 32 workers," said Rade, adding that he is a lawyer by training.

When asked, "Do you have any family," he replied with hesitation.

"If I could, I don't want to answer that question... I do. I am a father of four. Three are in Paris, one in New York," Rade told the Exploziv show.

The "Solidarity Kitchen" is based on the idea of ​​solidarity, because at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic,many people lost their jobs and even food security.

"People who cook, we call them activists, they contact us on their own. We deliver groceries to them, everything they need, we cover their bill if they need to make a special purchase, they cook meals, there are 20-30 meals per kitchen, one of our drivers comes, loads it up and takes it to the counter. We are financed exclusively by donations," says Nikola Bogdanovic.

In addition to groceries, they also deliver dishes and recipes. Recipes are needed because hardly anybody knows how to make meals for so many people, while one of the founders is a professional chef.

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