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A lover of good food: US ambassador tastes kebabs in Prijepolje

No doubt that Godfrey is getting to know Serbia in the best possible way

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Entoni Godfri Prijepolje hrana

Photo: Rina.rs/Private archive

US ambassador to Serbia, Anthony Godfrey, is definitely a fan of Serbian food, as he has demonstrated several times. Whichever part of our country he goes to, he's not missing the opportunity to try local specialties.

"We saw cars with diplomatic license plates park, security came out, and later the ambassador, with an interpreter. He said that he had already heard about 'Mahova Pekara' and that is why he decided to stop by and try our specialties. He ordered five kebabs 'on kaymak' in a bun and sat in front of the bakery, like any ordinary person would. He insisted on paying, and he gave the workers a badge with the symbols of our two countries as a gift," said Salko Bajramovic, the owner of the shop.

No doubt that Godfrey is getting to know Serbia in the best possible way, and what could be better than some of the foods our country is recognizable for. Previously, he was delighted with the Leskovac barbecue he tried in Vranje.

Bajramovic says that he also saw negative comments because the ambassador ate in his bakery, and because of that, points out that Godfrey is a very pleasant man.

"He is extremely kind, generous and pleasant, and it's really no sin if he is a lover of good food. That can only be a plus for all of us, because our food will be heard of outside the borders of Serbia," says Salko from Prijepolje.

Mahova Pekara ("Maho's Bakery") has been around for 100 years and is a place where many tourists stop on their way to Montenegro. It has become a symbol of the town on the Lim River, and after Godfrey's visit, the best-selling are definitely "kebabs on kaymak."

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