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The USA strikes Russia in a hidden message! They are using the crisis on Kosovo to remain in Balkans: Amecian general announced the help to "Kosovo Army"

Velike poplave u Americi: Ljudima voda do kolena, "plivaju" čak i vozovi

US message to Pristina sent from Zagreb: Suspend these taxes

"Security situation in the Balkans is fragile," the US general warned: the region is the main target of Russia's "malignant" influence

The USA "slapped" Haradinaj again: New sanctions to Pristina due to taxes on Serbian goods

Blockade of "Kosovo Army", denial of money, cancellation of visit: Due to Pristina disobedience, the United States is ready for severe moves

Thaci: We have violated our relationship with the US due to small, harmful Serbia

Trump decided to break their spines: Washington introduces 4 new measures against Pristina

The USA launched the first sanction to Pristina! Effective until they abolish taxes

"D Day" in Pristina: One phone call and one meeting can decide everything

The entire world is talking about the Serb from Prokuplje: Brave Irena in the US saved a barefoot child from certain freezing on the street (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE! Watch how Divac fired from a shotgun for Christmas: A Serb from the USA described for Telegraf how he convinced the legend to take a shot! (VIDEO)

Divac escaped shootout in Jackson: Serbs in California celebrated Christmas with shooting (PHOTO)

We are the most pro-American people in the world, the USA supports the agreement with Serbia in 2019: Thaci about the role of the USA on Kosovo

Countless American flags in Pristina and there is just one reason for that (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Armored vehicles arrived at Kosovo

Jokic's craziest three points in his life were not valid, but the Serb brought the great victory for Denver with a triple-double (VIDEO)

This city near us had the most polluted air in the world, even worse than Beijing

Pristina "slapped" Americans: No one expected this kind of an answer from Kosovo

The US and the EU can force Pristina to withdraw its decision

CIA proclaimed that Kosovo is independent, and then they "misplaced" more than 180.000 expelled Serbs: US intelligence agency has reduced the number of expelled people

Strike factories, schools, hospitals, anything! Serbs will never forget Senator McCain's words about the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 (VIDEO)

Is Serbia removed from the list of high-risk countries? The first result of Prime Minister Brnabic's visit to the United States

A 100 years of the Alliance between Serbia and USA: Ana Brnabic at a ceremony with representatives of the Senate and the State Department

Trump's new plan for Kosovo? A new ambassador of the USA is arriving in Kosovo who has two specialties

A quarrel of the USA and Russian embassies in Croatia over the game: The American commentator began, and the Russians responded

Frightening data: Every third Serb owns a gun, either legally or illegally

Krv nije voda! Sin legende Serije A iz 90-ih postigao prvenac u dresu reprezentacije (FOTO) (VIDEO)

A Serb wanted to destroy Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez ... he was preparing to attack the Royal Family: All about the actions of the right hand of "The Dark Overlord"

A terrible warning by Wesley Clark: Brutal conflicts on Balkans are not the thing of the past