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Hand grenade thrown at Belgrade restaurant "Holesterol": Cars in front also damaged

"I got scared, the detonation was strong," a guard in a nearby facility told Telegraf.rs

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A hand grenade was thrown at the restaurant "Holesterol", which is located in Belgrade's Dorcol neighborhood, at 59b Dobracina Street.

The police are searching for an unidentified person who threw the explosive device at this establishment at 1:55 am last night.

As a guard in a facility located in the immediate vicinity told Telegraf.rs, as soon as he heard the detonation, he called the police.

"I immediately went outside and informed the police, who came to the scene and carried out an investigation. I got scared, the detonation was strong. I didn't seen anyone close to the restaurant," said the guard.

Video: The detonation was powerful: An eyewitness talks about the bombing of the Belgrade restaurant

No one was injured, while the restaurant's door and two passenger cars parked in front were damaged.


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