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Well known Croat actor got into a fight because of a mask! The fuss was created over one issue

"He got up and started hitting me. That's when my mask fell off," said Bozidar Koscak, the star of the "Smogovci" series

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Božidar Koščak

Bozidar Koscak; Printscreen: HRT

Well-known Croatian actor Bozidar Koscak, best known as Kumpic from the legendary TV series "Smogovci" reacted strongly while riding in a tram after he noticed that one of the passengers was not wearing a mask.

The incident happened in Zagreb, and people tried to separate them.

"I was just getting off the tram when I saw a gentleman without a mask. I asked him why he didn’t wear it, when we all do. Well, we're not fools. He got up and started hitting me. Then my mask fell off. People jumped and started to separate us," Bozidar Koscak told 24sata.hr.

Patricia Toma, who witnessed the fight, told Vecernji List what happened.

"At one point I heard a noise and an umbrella opening and closing. I turned around and saw the hand of the actor Koscak flying towards an older gentleman in a gray jacket. I saw the other passengers moving away from them and no one wanted to help so I set out to separate them. At that moment, a young man joined me and we pushed them away from each other. Koscak had a mask on his face, but the gentleman with whom he got into a conflict tore it off," said Patricija.

See how the incident happened:


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