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Pupovac insulted while touring quake-destroyed town, "Kill the Serb" shouted at him in Glina

Pupovac was verbally attacked while touring Glina, Croatia

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Milorad Pupovac

Photo: ATA images

President of the Serb National Council (SNV) in Croatia, Milorad Pupovac, was verbally attacked in Glina today shortly after 1 pm as he was visiting the earthquake-ravaged town and surrounding villages.

During a walk of just a few hundred meters through the city center, groups of young men on three occasions insulted him, called him a thief, garbage, cursed his mother, greeted him with the Ustasha (Croatian WW2 fascist) greeting, and with the message - "kill the Serb."

One of the groups consisted of a dozen younger men, who then left in a van and a car with Split license plates.

"These are days of solidarity, days when Europe, our neighboring countries and all of us in Croatia gather to help the wounded Banija, Glina and Petrinja and all other settlements and towns in the Sisak-Moslavina District and the neighboring districts such as Karlovac," said Pupovac.

"People who come here to help, and then shout that someone should be killed because he is a Serb or greet him with the Ustasha greeting, do not understand what this country needs, these people help in one thing, and do damage in another. We will not pay attention to that. These people do not know what they are doing, they do not know what they believe in, these people are insulting those who came here for the same reason they did and that is to be available to this town and these people, this region, the poor and the suffering part of Croatia's land," Pupovac commented on the attacks in a statement for Jutarnji List.

He added that he was not affected personally, because "now he has a higher duty than to pay attention to people who have been put in the wrong place by someone and had the wrong messages planted into their heads."

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