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Dr. Tanja Jovanovic gives advice to all those unsure which anti-coronavirus vaccine to receive

How to decide?

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It doesn't matter which vaccine we receive, because the immunity that develops after vaccination is completely identical, regardless of whether it's one type of vaccine or another, says Dr. Tanja Jovanovic, a virologist from the Medical Faculty in Belgrade.

Dr. Jovanovic told RTS that two vaccines are currently registered in Serbia - Pfizer's, and Russia's Sputnik, but that, regardless of which vaccine is in question, the effect of vaccination is identical and gives us the possibility of protection against the virus and infection.

"Therefore, there is no reason to worry if we don't have some special medical knowledge in order to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of certain vaccines. If it is registered by the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices (ALIMS), it means that it is a very safe, very effective vaccine that has its specific goal," Jovanovic stressed.

One is American-German, the other is Russian, but both vaccines belong to a new generation in the sense of their technological manufacturing, so both stimulate production of antibodies and cellular immunity, which is important in defense against infections, explains Jovanovic.

She added that it's expected that a certain amount of Chinese vaccines will arrive in Serbia at the end of January, which, as she says, are made using a more classical technology.

"Citizens have experience with this type of vaccine because it is made in a similar way as the flu vaccine, but I repeat, all these vaccines actually stimulate the immune response in a similar way and protect us from infections," adds Jovanovic.

She believes that the last word on the choice of vaccine should be given by our chosen general practitioner who, in accordance with our psycho-physical condition, decides which vaccine is best for us.

Speaking about who can and who should not receive the vaccine, she said that it depends from case to case and that the last word is also given by the chosen doctor who is familiar with the patient's condition.

"If you have acute infection accompanied by fever, and it isn't coronavirus, you cannot receive the vaccine at that time. Then, if you have a chronic disease that requires active therapy, you cannot receive the vaccine during the period when you are receiving active therapy," explains Jovanovic.

She also says that we still don't have enough experience with the virus, and if women are planning a pregnancy or if they are pregnant, they should not receive the vaccine.

She adds that this does not mean the vaccine is not safe, but merely that not enough testing has been done.

She also said that citizens have the opportunity to send all questions about vaccination to the Batut Institute, which will quickly respond, as an advisory body.


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