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7 bullets for lawyer's bodyguard in Resavska St, he's rushed to hospital: Police interview witnesses

The traffic in this street was briefly stopped but soon resumed

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Resavska pucnjava uviđaj

Printscreen: RTS

Shortly before 10 o'clock this morning, a young man was shot in Resavska Street in Belgrade.

The shooting happened in front of an exchange office at number 34.

The young man, Stefan S., was shot in the legs, so an ambulance transported him to the Institute for Orthopedics in Banjica.

As Telegraf has learned, seven bullets were fired, and the victims suffered gunshot wounds.

The police are investigating the scene and interviewing eyewitnesses.

The traffic in this street was briefly stopped but soon resumed, while the site of the shooting is secured with police tape.

Lawyer was the target?

Stefan S., as we have learned, is the bodyguard of lawyer M. V. (40).  There is speculation that M.V. was actually the real target of the attack, but he was not injured.

This is not the first attack on that lawyer. In January of last year, five young men attacked him and injured him slightly.

The lawyer was reportedly inside the office at the time of the shooting.

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