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Neighbors of Milorad, who threw bomb at electric company workers, are in shock: "He's difficult"

Doctors are fighting for the life of one of the electrical company worker. Neighbors of Milorad A., who is suspected of throwing a bomb at the workers when they came to turn off his electricity, are in shock over the whole event

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Illustration: Photo: Tanjug/AP

Doctors in the hospital in Pakrac, Croatia are fighting to save the life of a HEP (Croatian energy company) worker who had an explosive device thrown at him by 71-year-old Milorad A., in an incident that happened in Jana Zizke Street in Pakrac today at 9:19 am.

As Mojportal.hr unofficially learned, the worker's head and stomach were seriously injured and his condition is very critical, while another worker fared somewhat better. Although he is full of shrapnel from the explosive device and his eardrum was damaged, his life is not in danger.

Another HEP employee was reportedly with them, who also has shrapnel injuries, but was not seriously hurt.

The three HEP workers had come to the house of Milorad A. (71) this morning with an order to cut off his electricity, and when they knocked on his door, he threw the bomb at them and locked himself in the house.

The detonation reverberated throughout the city, and the police and an ambulance immediately arrived at the scene and transported the seriously injured workers to the hospital. Milorad, meanwhile, was arrested and taken to the station for a criminal investigation.

"I had just grabbed the doorknob to go out and throw garbage and then it blasted. I was terribly scared. My husband is sick, and my granddaughter is upstairs studying. My son called me right away and told me not to leave the house. The police are now there, searching the house to see if there are any more bombs and other weapons. Milorad's wife died a year and a half ago, and his children live somewhere abroad. We didn’t have any problems with him even though he's a little difficult. But, it never crossed my mind that he could do something like this," a neighbor told Mojportal.hr. The shrapnel from the explosive device ended up in the facade of her house.

All available police forces are on the ground.

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