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Concerned Dr. Stevanovic's warning on the eve of holiday: Patients becoming infected between doses

Hospitals are filling up, the growth in the number of patients in recent days is worrying. Patients exhibiting a more severe clinical picture are of particular concern

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Minister of Health Zlatibor Loncar held a meeting with directors of Covid hospitals, after which the director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Belgrade, Goran Stevanovic, addressed the public.

"We are very concerned about the further development of the situation, we had a declining trend in the number of patients. The number of people in hospital was declining. So that outside of Belgrade, some hospitals are returning to a non-Covid system. In Belgrade, KBC Zvezdara has returned to it, and KBC Bezanijska Kosa is preparing for that.

The number of patients has been growing in recent days, the need for hospital treatment is growing and it is especially worrying that patients are exhibiting more severe clinical pictures," said Stevanovic.

A number of those infected have clear links to free activities, such as skiing, going to cafes, taking part in sporting events as participants, Stevanovic said, adding that it is clear that discipline is weakening.

"I know that citizens have had enough and that Covid has lasted for a year, but so have those who are taking care of patients," said the director.

The situation at a turning point

"We will see whether the number will continue to grow or will stabilize, which depends on all of us. I am pleading with citizens who want to be vaccinated or who have started vaccination to remember that the first dose does not guarantee protection," the director stressed.

Goran Stevanović

Goran Stevanovic; Photo: Tanjug/Sava Radovanovic

It is necessary to receive both doses and after that for at least ten to 15 days to pass in order for people to be considered immunized, Stevanovic pointed out.

"We have patients who became infected between doses. This is not infection that is a consequence of vaccination, it is infection that was 'picked up' somewhere along the way because the vaccine had not been given enough time to do what it needs to do," said the doctor.

Stevanovic pleased and appealed on citizens to respect the measures in the next four days: the weekend and the Statehood Day holiday.

He stressed there are no holidays for those who work in the Covid system, and added that shifts have been doubled because a larger number of patients is expected.


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