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Tragedy in Leskovac: Woman (32) dies two hours after abortion, inspectors sent to private clinic

The young woman was 32 years old

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The Ministry of Health of Serbia has sent inspectors to a private clinic in Leskovac, where D.T. (32) died after having an abortion.

"We have sent inspectors, supervision and checks concerning the quality of work will be done," the Ministry told Tanjug.

The media reported today that D.T. from Leskovac died less than two hours after having an abortion in a private clinic in Leskovac, while the abortion, according to family members, was done for health reasons.

Her husband claims that D.T. had problems with her spine and leg, and that doctors for that reason advised her to terminate the pregnancy because it posed a risk.

Although the autopsy report has not arrived yet, the husband says that the intervention triggered a blood clot that traveled from her leg to the lungs.

The information that the autopsy report has not arrived yet was confirmed for Telegraf.rs by the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Leskovac.

"We would like to inform you that on the occasion of the death of D. T. from Leskovac, the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Leskovac issued an order to perform an autopsy. Since the autopsy report has not yet been submitted to the prosecutor's office, we are not able to provide you with more information," said the response sent to our portal earlier today.

D.T. is survived by her three-year-old son.


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