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"Terrible wave is coming, these 5, 6 days are no solution. We have to extend measures to next week"

He assessed that these few days of restraint, as long as the measures are limited, cannot give results

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Epidemiologist Branislav Tiodorovic told TV Prva this morning that the measures that have been in force since yesterday and will last until next Monday are not enough, and that we will have to extend them.

According to him, in the five or six days to which the measures are currently limited, the results will not be visible.

"We from the medical part (of the Crisis HQ) are constantly asking for continuous implementation of measures. If only we had closed the ski resorts after Sretenje (Statehood Day in mid-February). If we had implemented those measures, we would be in better shape now. I also think that these five or six days are not the solution. We will not have a result, we will certainly have to extend the measures to the next week as well," he said, stressing that Serbia is among a handful of countries where ski resorts have been open.

He also pointed out that the fight against the epidemic is long, and that it is necessary to carry out comprehensive vaccination in the shortest possible time.

"I ask people to withstand ten, 14 days (of lockdown). If we endure it, we will cut the terrible wave that is coming," he said.

At the same time, he confirmed a statement made earlier by epidemiologist Predrag Kon that the need to receive the third dose of the vaccine is a certainty in the upcoming period. Read more about that HERE.


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